Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oklahoma Mission Team - Update

We arrived at VALLA HONDITO on Monday night, due to traffic in Santo Domingo. We took measurements of the construction area so we could order materials.  Tuesday we got started working and made a good start on the construction, today should be a very full and productive day.  The Duncan group are excellent with the kids, they sang songs, played and ministered to the kids all day.
Last night during dinner the little boy from the "SON SHINE ON THE SHOE SHINE BOY" blog showed up.  We talked with him to find out how he has been and if his circustances are the same.  Ramon tried to talk him into going to at least take a look at the Orphanage.  No strings attached, just simply go and see theplace so he would be able to make an informed decision. I think he has agreed.  If he does, Ramon, Rachel and myself are going to meet him this morning to show him the orphanage.  Pray that he accepts!  I'll have an update for everyone later.  Please keep the group, the children and the team in your prayers.

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