Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SON shine for the shoe shine boy

Everyday when we leave the hotel in San Juan we are surrounded by little boys carrying tattered wood boxes full of supplies wanting to clean our shoes for pesos.  We have come to be very close to these boys after many trips here. Many of them have their own unique story as to why they get up in the morning and start working at the break of day and work till dark. 

Today we were standing outside talking to 5 of them and learned of one boys story that immediately touched our heart and it was crying out for help.  This little boy is around 7 or 8 years old, works shinning shoes every day, and then when it is time to quit he remains on the street searching for a place to lay his head.  You see, this boys mom is deceased and his father is mentally unstable and homeless himself.  When I asked him where he slept last night, he said "I slept on the streets."

This was a response I knew was coming but it was one that I wasnt prepared to hear.  I cant imagine this little boy sleeping on the street, it just breaks my heart to even think about it.  Then I know we had to try and do something for him so we spoke to a women here at the hotel and inquired about local orphanges.  She said there was one and some of the boys have been their before but was removed because they wouldnt follow the rules.  We asked this boy if he had been their before and he said, "No." He immediately followed up that response with "I want to go to the orphanage." 

We all loaded up in the car and drove out to find this orphanage, not really knowing where we going or what we would find once we got there.  The SON was shining today as we pulled up to this facility that was begun by American missionaries, christain based and very nice.  They can house up to 200 boys and 50 girls.  They not only provide a place to live, food to eat but have a scholl as well.  We were so pleased and surprised at how great this facility was.  We were able to talk to the director for a bit and he gave us a tour of the facility.  He explaind the process of enrolling this boy to us and then gave some background history of the orphanage.

We cannot rejoice just yet, but we have hope that we can get him placed in this facility.  Tomorrow will be a very important but stressful day as we have to meet with the local government office.  Please pray for this meeting and for this little boy.  We will most definitely keep this blog updated on his status.    PRAY FOR MORE "SON"SHINE.


  1. Praying for you Rex!! You are doing amazing things and what a blessing you are for these kids. Dana:-)

  2. God always has a plan and blesses each trip we take. He definitely had one this time as well!! I sure wish I could have been there! We will continue to pray! What a joy it is to be a part of His work!

    God Bless you all!