Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dental Trip - Day 3

We have officially completed the dental mission for all the children in Valla Hondito and Las Canoas.  We provided dental services to about 225 children and several adults to include our Dominican leadership team.  We had a little team fatigue to set in today on day 3, but we all pushed through and had such a fun time interacting with the children.  It is hard to put into words how it feels to serve the kids in this way.  We are reminded that we are only servants of the Lord and we are serving Him as we are serving the children.

There were so many more teeth that needed treatment; however, we just did not have the means to do everything.  We are praying that we can get more dentists, hygenists, and team members on the next trip.  Having just one dentist, Dr. Kyna Dublin, was tough at times.  God was so good to our team.  For example, at one of the hottest points of the day we were baking in the church building and a very timely thunderstorm came and cooed us off so well.

This trip made us realize just how much is still needed for the children in our programs.  I know that we talk about sponsorships a lot, but this is truly the best way to provide for their needs.  So, please consider sponsoring a child so that their life will forever be changed.  You can actually change their future.

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  1. May God richly bless you and all your team there. The Dentist and all his assistants which according to the pictures, my daughter in law Jillseemed to be doing a very good job. I wish we had more Dentists and hygenist who would be willing to donate their time and efforts like all of you guys there now. All doing volunteer work as the angels of God. Bless everyone of you and I just wanted you to know that I am a better person for just knowing the likes of all of you. I am so excited back here in the good ole USA looking at the pictures of all your progress there. Maybe God will touch the hearts of all who read this and they can go and help you on your next trip or they can be like me and cheer you on and sponsor some of the little children there. Go to and make a pledge or sponor a child or 2. God Bless. Love, Mother