Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Last Day at Valla Hondito - Day 4

Today was bittersweet as we enjoyed being with the children but hated to say goodbye until our return.  We went to Valla Hondito and painted the tables that the previous team built.  There was extra paint so I decided to decorate our current facility with the Servants Heart logo.  I am definitely not an artist but they turned out pretty good.  Jill and Spencer passed out more candy and gave them each a Silly band.  We also ordered the lumber so our gracious volunteers can build the benches for the tables. 

The highlight of the day was for us to see Cristian being playful and actually talking and laughing.  The medicine that we got for him must be working as he looked and acted much better.  Being here this week has been such a blessing and I am so happy to have shared this experience with my wife and son.  Our other son, Seth, did not come on this trip and we miss him dearly. 

Tomorrow will be our last day and we will spend it at Las Canoas again.  Thank you all for following our blog and our trip and I will post our last days adventure tomorrow night so please keep checking the blog. 

Changing Lives....One child at a Time! 

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  1. Great report. Rex, looking at the logo you did an outstanding job. I think that's Ramon behind the tree branch with a paintbrush at the table's. Tell him I said I said hello. The photo's are great information sources also. You guys have a safe trip back home and we'll see you soon. I know you're the one's receiving the most blessings.