Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Trip Day 4

As we all know in Servant's Heart Ministry--you go to minister to people, and you end up receiving a great blessing. I cannot tell you the level of God's love being poured down on these communities. The team this week has gotten a lot of necessary, physical labor complete, but as we all have loved on these kids I see THE LIGHT in this world. I am so amazed by what God has done this week.

I am truly humbled to serve along side the families involved in this mission. I desperately want more and more people to come and experience what God is doing. I would not trade serving "...the least of these..." with anything else because I been personally ministered to so much.

I am excited for the next trip I am taking in just three months. It has been a privilege to serve Him this week in this capacity. Please join us!

Please take the time to read the story about Cristian that Kendra has posted and look deep into the photographs she has captured.
God bless!



  2. Truly inspiring to read what Kendra not only wrote but feels in her heart. What she describes is an all to familiar story that most of us never get to hear. We get so caught up in life and our own struggles that we do not have clue what is happeneing to children just like Cristian all over the world.

    It is so important for us to spread this unspoken truth and encourage others to go and see, seeing is the catalyst for change. Once you look these children in the eyes, they instantly expose your heart and there is no other reaction but only to ask, "How Can I Help?"

    Please take a look at Kendra's heart, it is exposed and bleeding.

  3. What a blessing to read Kendra's post- the children are being loved by other Christians this week.