Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Trip Day 2

We had an absolutely awesome day here in Las Canoas and Valla Hondito. We went to Las Canoas and had a great time with the kids. On this trip we have 6 people who are experiencing their first mission trip! It has been a very cool time to watch them love on these kids today. We have people ages 16-40 that are seeing first hand what joy it is to serve God in this capacity. Today we had a worship service and preaching from our very own Ramon Hernandez. One child came up to the front and gave a testimony of how she is following Christ.

We also provided the children a craft and some gifts to take home. There were lots of laughs and we also had a wonderful time of taking a short swim in the rivers. The most exciting time was when we presented Bibles to 5 additional children that were sponsored by families in America. I was able to present to a child that my family is personally helping. It was an emotional time as we were able to look into their little eyes and tell them how much Jesus loves them and how much we love them.

I want to invite you all to come on a trip with us. Sacrifice whatever you can to get here and I assure you that you will not be dissapointed. God is with us, He is so faithful.

We are getting early in the morning to begin construction of a much needed awning as well as some tables and benches for the kids. Also, we get to present 4 more Bibles to newly sponsored children in Valla Hondito!

Thank you all for your prayer and support. I will provide another update tomorrow.



  1. Sounds awesome. I wish I was there with you guys. It is so powerful to experience what your team is experiencing, especially for first timers. Tell all the kids hello from us back home and I hope everyday is blessed for you guys.

  2. I love you, honey. Get some good pictures of our "adopted" kids!

  3. That's got to be awesome, presenting Bible to kids. I hope to join you soon!

  4. I can feel the excitement the team is experiencing as they seek and do Gods will. I'm not sure of the places you're going on this trip, but if you venture to Esperanza and see my girl Gabriela Vargas, be sure and give her a hug for me.
    Our God is an Awesome God!!
    Larry Autry (AUTRYBOSS)

  5. Rob and Team: As you are there in the Dominican Republic, know that we here are praying for you daily. I know each of your hearts will be touched with each moment spent around these children and families. (I know mine was and still is) It is amazing the joy God gives us for following His commands of caring for one another. Thank you for giving up your time and the other sacrifices made to be a part of what God is doing there. May God be with your families as you are away, protecting them and leading them in their daily activities. May God also bless you all with a safe and healthy return home. May you have burdened hearts and a loud voice for what God is doing there. I pray God is glorified, in all of our actions, as we participate in His ministry. God bless you all.