Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day with Cristian - Day 2

Today we spent the entire day with Cristian and his Aunt.  While we try not to single out any one child or show favoritism, we had an agenda today with Cristian.  We picked them up this morning from Valla Hondito and headed back to San Juan to see the Doctor.  We did learn that this was only the second time he has been to a doctor in his three years of life.  We took him to a private clinic and everything went fairly well.  The doctor performed a basic check-up and then asked if we would like to have some tests run to find out more health information.  So obviously we said yes and they performed various tests on Cristian. Although this was good for him it was very hard to be there when they began to draw blood.  He cried out in pain and I am sure he was confused and scared not knowing what was happening.  Then they pricked his finger to test for diabetes and again he cried out.  The doctor prescribed a couple of medications for parasites and for his open skin wounds and we will have to wait till tomorrow to hopefully get the results back from the labs. 

We left the clinic and took him to Pollo Reyes for lunch.  He ate absolutely everything on his plate.  We were so glad to see him eat and just like yesterday he began to smile and become playful after he ate which tells us that he is not receiving enough food on a daily basis.  We are so thankful that God placed him in or program so that now maybe we can get him the proper nutrition.  On the way back to his village, the road that leads to his home is a dirt and gravel road.  I was driving and I stopped and asked Cristian if he would like to drive just like I did with my boys when they were little.  He climbed up front from the back seat and sat in may lap and grabbed the steering wheel as I guided him down the road, I think he really enjoyed that and it made him feel special.  We met with his Grandmother and relayed all the information we had learned and she was appreciative and thankful for our help. 

The hardest part of the entire day was dealing with our own emotions.  Even though Cristian is not our child, we couldn't help but feel those parental instincts and emotions.  Jill's motherly love and compassion was hard to contain as we love him just as he was our own.  We know we are doing what Jesus would want us to do but we cant help but think, ARE WE DOING EVERYTHING WE CAN.  We hope that the efforts of those that were here last week and our efforts this week will altar the course of Cristians life and give way to a much deserving brighter tomorrow.  More to follow on Cristian so please keep checking the blog.

On another note, after we finished up with Cristian for the day, we presented the school supplies that Russell's team left for the local elementary school.  The principal was very excited and so thankful for all the supplies.  Your teams generosity opened the door for our ministry to be able to hold educational classes for the older youth whenever we desire.  We then headed back into San Juan to get supplies for Wednesday.  We bought some paint so we can paint the tables and benches.

Tomorrow we will be spending the day in Las Canoas and we are looking forward to another wonderful day with those children.


  1. Praise the Lord that your family has listened and answered the call. Praying now for good results on all the tests. So jealous that you all are there getting to touch and talk with the families. Can't wait to get back to help the villages.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for this update and thank you for loving Cristian so well. It has been an answer to so many prayers. And honestly, I am now going to be able to rest a little easier tonight knowing that things went so well today.

  3. Thanks so much for the update on your trip.
    I am so excited about little Christian. Does he have a sponsor yet, if not he does now because I want to be his sponsor. That is if you and Jill are not already his sponsor.
    In all your efforts to touch many lives there, you are also touching many lives here. We are so blessed to be part of this mission through You, Jill,Spencer and Seth.
    I love you sooooooo much
    Your Mom

  4. Rex, thank you for the great update! We are praying for you guys and praying for what God has for SHM next.

    To the previous post. Yes, Cristian is sponsored, but we have so many that are not. We are so grateful for supporters like you Patsy. God needs more of His people to raise their hand.


  5. Thank you thank you for your attention to Christian! It is such a relief to the whole team and many others back home who we shared his story with!! He is so precious and really needs and deserves a little extra care! Hope you all have a great time while there! Bless you. Thanks again, Jodie Dyer and family.

  6. Rex,
    Great news, keep us posted. We are believing for God to work in his life. Thanks for the great opportunity to serve, it was such a blessing to be with our brothers and sisters in the DR.
    Thanks again
    Russ Dyer