Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 1 March Trip

I have had a long layover in Philadelphia, but now I am about to board for Santo Domingo. I am very excited to see the children in Valla Hondito and Las Canoas. It will be a great time of celebration as I am presenting 9 children with Bibles and letting them know that they have been sponsored by a family in America! The children realize that this is important to them and their community and their friends are great to celebrate with them. We are striving to get them all sponsored and we surely rely on God's provision for supplying the families that are willing to give the small monthly commitment.

I realize that we all have things on our plates and perhaps we think of helping someone in our community or in other parts of the world. Often, we have trouble connecting to an outlet that can deliver on the help and really maximize the donated gift. Servant's Heart Ministry wants to be that connector. We truly understand what it takes to be a good steward of God's resources and consider it a great honor that He allows us to do His work. I encourage all reading this right now to consider helping a child in the Dominican Republic. You can browse through our website and see hundreds of photos, as well as, videos to get you aquinted with the ministry and the children you will be helping.

This trip is one that will build a shelter so that the children can be protected from the hot sun. We will fortify the cooking area for one program so that the volunteers can prepare the meals in a clean and safe environment. We will also assemble so tables and benches so that the children don't have to sit in the dirt and eat. All of this will be built because of donated dollars and the team is so motivated to serve!

Please pray for us.


  1. We are praying for you guys and for the work you are doing. Be safe. I know the children will be so excited to see you guys.

  2. Please Jilary that we love her and will try to come and see her soon. We wish we could be there for the Bible presentation.