Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oklahoma Mission Team - Update

We arrived at VALLA HONDITO on Monday night, due to traffic in Santo Domingo. We took measurements of the construction area so we could order materials.  Tuesday we got started working and made a good start on the construction, today should be a very full and productive day.  The Duncan group are excellent with the kids, they sang songs, played and ministered to the kids all day.
Last night during dinner the little boy from the "SON SHINE ON THE SHOE SHINE BOY" blog showed up.  We talked with him to find out how he has been and if his circustances are the same.  Ramon tried to talk him into going to at least take a look at the Orphanage.  No strings attached, just simply go and see theplace so he would be able to make an informed decision. I think he has agreed.  If he does, Ramon, Rachel and myself are going to meet him this morning to show him the orphanage.  Pray that he accepts!  I'll have an update for everyone later.  Please keep the group, the children and the team in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SON shine for the shoe shine boy

Everyday when we leave the hotel in San Juan we are surrounded by little boys carrying tattered wood boxes full of supplies wanting to clean our shoes for pesos.  We have come to be very close to these boys after many trips here. Many of them have their own unique story as to why they get up in the morning and start working at the break of day and work till dark. 

Today we were standing outside talking to 5 of them and learned of one boys story that immediately touched our heart and it was crying out for help.  This little boy is around 7 or 8 years old, works shinning shoes every day, and then when it is time to quit he remains on the street searching for a place to lay his head.  You see, this boys mom is deceased and his father is mentally unstable and homeless himself.  When I asked him where he slept last night, he said "I slept on the streets."

This was a response I knew was coming but it was one that I wasnt prepared to hear.  I cant imagine this little boy sleeping on the street, it just breaks my heart to even think about it.  Then I know we had to try and do something for him so we spoke to a women here at the hotel and inquired about local orphanges.  She said there was one and some of the boys have been their before but was removed because they wouldnt follow the rules.  We asked this boy if he had been their before and he said, "No." He immediately followed up that response with "I want to go to the orphanage." 

We all loaded up in the car and drove out to find this orphanage, not really knowing where we going or what we would find once we got there.  The SON was shining today as we pulled up to this facility that was begun by American missionaries, christain based and very nice.  They can house up to 200 boys and 50 girls.  They not only provide a place to live, food to eat but have a scholl as well.  We were so pleased and surprised at how great this facility was.  We were able to talk to the director for a bit and he gave us a tour of the facility.  He explaind the process of enrolling this boy to us and then gave some background history of the orphanage.

We cannot rejoice just yet, but we have hope that we can get him placed in this facility.  Tomorrow will be a very important but stressful day as we have to meet with the local government office.  Please pray for this meeting and for this little boy.  We will most definitely keep this blog updated on his status.    PRAY FOR MORE "SON"SHINE.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dental Trip - Day 4 (Food Program and Rest Day)

Well, this was the last day and we are flying out tomorrow.  I hope you know from the previous posts that we had such a blessed time serving the kids in this way.  Today we went back to Valla Hondito and played with the children and passed out more candy.  Then we went to Las Canoas to administer a food program.  It brings so much joy to our hearts to share Jesus with them and to providde much needed food for their little tummies.  Without the food they cannot concentrate at school and they have no energy to play when their stomachs are hurting with hunger pains.  It is because of our donors and the grace of God that we are able to help these poor villages.  We pray to expand our mission here in the Dominican so please forward this to people you know for prayer and support.

As a small reward for a hard working team, we went to a small beach to swim and play.  My 6 years daughter loved it as she was asking about it for the years since she was here last.  It was also a great time of fun together with our Dominican leadership team.  They enjoyed the short break and we told great stories from the week.  On mission trips you not only form strong, lasting friendships, but memories that last forever.  That is all in addition to the blessing you receive by kneeling down to help a child.

We are already talking about next years dental trip and all the up coming trips this year.  God is moving here and we would like you all to be a part of it.  We are so thankful that He wants us here: "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he consider me trustworthy, appointing me to His service." 1 Timothy 1:12

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dental Trip - Day 3

We have officially completed the dental mission for all the children in Valla Hondito and Las Canoas.  We provided dental services to about 225 children and several adults to include our Dominican leadership team.  We had a little team fatigue to set in today on day 3, but we all pushed through and had such a fun time interacting with the children.  It is hard to put into words how it feels to serve the kids in this way.  We are reminded that we are only servants of the Lord and we are serving Him as we are serving the children.

There were so many more teeth that needed treatment; however, we just did not have the means to do everything.  We are praying that we can get more dentists, hygenists, and team members on the next trip.  Having just one dentist, Dr. Kyna Dublin, was tough at times.  God was so good to our team.  For example, at one of the hottest points of the day we were baking in the church building and a very timely thunderstorm came and cooed us off so well.

This trip made us realize just how much is still needed for the children in our programs.  I know that we talk about sponsorships a lot, but this is truly the best way to provide for their needs.  So, please consider sponsoring a child so that their life will forever be changed.  You can actually change their future.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dental Trip - Day 2

We had another great day here in San Juan de la Maguana.  We went to our other program in Las Canoas to provide dental services to the children.  We treated 81 children today and like yesterday, we educated them on brushing and flossing techniques.  We extracted teeth on about 25 % of the children and they all felt so much better after leaving. 

One girl Erianny, 11 years old had terrible pain, but was afraid to have her tooth pulled.  We spoke to her mom and she told us that she had been up the last two nights crying in pain.  The girl finally agreed after speaking to her mom and thankfully she will not be up with that pain tonight.

The last two days have been long and the team has worked so hard.  I am proud to be associated with this team and this ministry.  God has blessed us and I look forward to many years of serving Him.  The children truly understand that it is the love of Christ that brings us down here to love on them.